Why Schumacher was the best I ever worked with – Pat Symonds (

In this video, F1 Racing editor Ben Anderson is joined by associate editor James Roberts to discuss with Symonds, who is now F1's Chief Technical Officer, the lasting impact and legacy that Michael left on the sport. In it, they talk about how Schumacher broke the mould in terms of what it meant to be a Formula 1 driver – unprecedented levels of fitness, commitment, attention to detail and a ..


eMotorsports is eSports racing. National championship is sanctioned by finnis ASN, AKK ry.  The operators are International eMotorsports Association with the promoter Circuit eMotorsports. 

Price money for season 2018 is 25.000€. Season has 10 races. 

eMotorsports is suitable for everybody who  is interested of racing. Requirements are PC computer, PC wheel and pedals and internet connection.

To join the national Championship one needs to be a member of FIA and to have a license to race . To more info 





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For other series see race series below

teams and drivers

barca kuva7 BW 500 events (barca kuva7 BW 500 events (2).png)Drivers and Teams of Season 2018 finnish championship series.

race calendar

barca kuva2 BW 500 (barca kuva2 BW 500.png)The 2018 Competition calendar and the results.

race series

Valikkokuvat_Kilpasarjat (Valikkokuvat_Kilpasarjat.jpg)Circuit eMotorsports and IeMA arrange finnish championship series on Assetto Corsa platform. Hobby competitions can also be run with the free Live For Speed platform. eMotorsports Finnish National series is AKK's official series.

live STREAM & videos

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LIVE broadcasts, recordings, interviews and tutorials can be found here





International eMotorsports Association (IeMA)

IeMA is a non-profit registered association for virtual racing that aims to develop virtual car racing and to act as a member of its members.

The association is responsible, together with the Finnish Championship Series promoter, Circuit eMotorsports, for the organization of competitive activities in Finland and the NEZ level.

Through the club's activities, getting into the species is easy and the help with equipment, training and competition is sure to be found.

IeMA is member club of Finnish Autosport Association. Competing and participation is possible from here.

IeMA's members as well as other AKK's member clubs will receive 20% discount on Circuit eMotorsports center services, as well as driving time.

Finnish Autosport Association (AKK)

The Finnish Autosports Association, which acts as a covenant of community enthusiast or enthusiast. The association is the holder of the rights of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile FIA in Finland.

AKK's purpose is to manage and supervise the Finnish motorsports, to promote the responsible motorsport activity and its acceptability and prestige in society and participate in the development of transport and road safety education through motorsport.






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